The Animal Patches

The Animal Patches

Wednesday May 23rd we launched our Animal patch program exclusively in our store in Stockholm. The Animal patch program consists of 10 animal motifs from the forests around the Adelswärd family Estate Adelsnäs in Åtvidaberg. The patches are made so that you either can attach them yourself by ironing or, for a longer lasting result, have them sewn on directly on the bag.

“The Animal Patch program is a great way to make our bags more personal and playful. The range of patches includes animals that can be seen around the Adelswärd family Estate Adelsnäs.

I grew up with these animals; elk, deer, wild boar, ducks and pheasants – they are all so beautiful. Their colors, ranging from black and very dark brown, to beige and green also fit very well with our color palette of our Baron canvas bags. It’s a fact that many of these animals also are hunted on the estate, but personally I would rather have them as a patch on my Baron bags than shooting them.”

I strongly believe in customization and personalization of products, we all want to be unique and express our own personality.

Our patch program, as well as our embossing of initials, is a way for our customers to achieve that through our products.”

– Jan Carl Adelswärd


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The Animal Patch program is exclusively available in our store at Humlegårdsgatan 19, Stockholm or by